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How Long to Wait After Pressure Washing Before Staining

If you search online on how long should one wait after a pressure wash before they can stain a surface you’ll get a number of different answers like 48 hours or 72 hours or even four days, but these are general answers which do not help us one bit because there is no one rule which applies to all surfaces and all types of staining, you need to specific about the surface that needs drying because every surface is different and absorbs different levels of water during the pouring and requires different amounts of time to dry up, staining a deck is an activity which we do before the summers usually and if the deck is in a rugged condition then you would want to get everything scraped off it before you actually start staining it, but before you do make sure that you have allowed enough time for it to dry.

Pressure Washing

A deck which gets a bit of shade during the day would take more time for it to dry than one which is completely exposed to sunlight which most of the decks are being on the side of a swimming pool, but these are also there with patios and people would place shades and plants which provide shade, so what you must do is be smart when thinking about the time you need to allow for it to dry and the it is better to stay in the safe zone and allow a little more time than recommended.

power washing katy is the service provider here in TX who helped me understand all of this, I got the services for my rooftop cleaning and discussed the details about the time it need to dry the deck and how should I stain it.

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